Export uncut diamonds

To export uncut diamonds you will need a diamond licence, we will assist you in getting started.

Corlia Roberts Graduate Diamond Program consists of comprehensive knowledge of uncut diamonds, marking, and planning of the gemstone for manufacture and basic diamond cutting skills.

This course is specially designed for business owners who want to know how to value a Rough Diamonds, and require the basics to set up and run a diamond manufacturing facility that employs qualified polishers.

Whether you are applying for a diamond dealers licence or a diamond license, this course includes Cutting & Polishing.

How do you turn a rough crystal into a sparkling polished diamond?

The course is a one-on-one practical training course, to understand the characteristics, qualities of Diamond Rough with the object of taking meaningful decisions regarding the valuation of rough diamonds and the polishing process. The course assists the student to create and manage a new diamond business.

Students begin online by learning about the diamond business environment, marketing principles,  planning of the rough diamond, employee management, and other potential areas that might impact their business plan and ultimate success. They will then spend 4 weeks in a factory learning to cut and polish the diamond and sorting rough uncut diamonds.

Graduates will receive a certificate of completion and further have the skills to start their own licensed business ventures.

All the tools and equipment are provided for the duration of the course and remain the school’s property.

Duration Online Self paced and 4 weeks practical  Monday to Friday’s  09:00- 15:00

The course fee is Local residents 32,500.00 ZAR or Foreign Participants / 2950.00 USD We offer transport & accommodation.

The Course cost includes our Rough Diamond Grading and Evaluation and Diamond Cutting and Polishing reference manual. 

You can only export rough diamonds to countries in the Kimberley Process ( KP ) Certification Scheme or your goods may be seized.

The Kimberley Process regulates the international trade in rough diamonds. You must get a KP certificate to export each rough diamond shipment.

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