Jewellery Council

Diamond Licence Individual Checklist

Checklist For Diamond Dealers Applications (Individual) Duly Completed Application Form (Original) Authorised Representative Application ( Original) Application Fee (Invoice) Proof of Business Premises (Certified Copy) Proposed Business Plan, Inclusive of BEE (Certified Copy) Police Clearance Certificates (Certified Copy) Copy of I.D Document (Certified Copy) Tax Clearance Certificate(Certified Copy) Corlia Roberts Certificate for Proof of Technical …

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Second Hand Goods

Learn how to price and evaluate polished diamonds Learn how to authenticate pre-owned pieces Learn how to distinguish the difference between gold and silver hallmark stamps as well as brand marks Learn how to check the quality of estate, vintage, and antique jewellery Learn how to use gold authentication equipment, such as an acid test …

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Diamond Grading Course

This course covers the skills needed to grade diamonds based on the 4C’s, Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight. Course Outline Correct use of a Loupe Correct use of a Tweezer Colour Grading Clarity Grading Fluorescence Identification Cut, Proportions, Symmetry, Polish Understanding Synthetics Simulant Identification Moissanite Identification Treatments, Fracture filling, Laser drilling Correct use of …

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Rough Diamond Course

If you’re new to the rough diamond market, trying to understand how uncut diamonds works and how to trade with them legally can be incredibly difficult. You can’t just dive in, through the lessons you will learn understand the entire complex process. This course teaches you how to sort and evaluate a parcel of rough …

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Click on the dashboard link to commence your course Study when and wherever you want. The courses are identical in contents and outcomes to our contact-based course and on successful completion of the practical and assessment exam, you will be awarded a certificate of completion from the Corlia Roberts Diamond Education College.