Diamond Cutting & Polishing

This course will equip the student with the necessary skills required to cut and polish a rough diamond

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Course Outline


  • How to Buy and Sell Rough Diamonds


  • Planning of the diamond using computer software and Sarine
  • Marking the best possible shape and cut of the diamond
  • Sawing the rough stone depending on the shape of the rough diamond
  • Where to place the Table
  • Bruting the girdle


  • Blocking 8 main pavilion facets – these facets are divided into 4 Corners and 4 Pavilions as the corners and pavilions run in different directions due to the atomic structure of the diamond
  • Crown – the crown consists of 8 main facets and are divided into 4 Corners and 4 Bezels


  • Final bruting – ensuring the girdle of the diamond is perfectly round and smooth


  • Brillianteering – Adding and polishing 8 stars and 16 pavilion and 16 crown halves
  • Polishing all 16 main facets

Diamond Cutting & Polishing Quality

  • Quality Control – checking for symmetry, polish and cut (angles) after the diamond is completed

Diamond Cutting & Polishing Factory

  • How to correctly set up a Diamond Manufacturing Facility

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