Theory can be done by correspondence or on-line. Practical sessions presented to groups. The courses are developed and presented by Corlia & Xanchia - over 20 years experience in the industry

Online Diamond Trading lessons

Our online course is up 24/7 with coaching support.

Applying for a diamond trading licence? This online course fee includes assistance with the application, equipment, and technical ability certificate required to apply for the regulatory requirements.

Duration: Self Paced Cost ZAR 11500.00 / USD 1200.00

The one-day Practical lessons can be done in person or via skype or WhatsApp.

Get started today, Click here to enroll or whatsapp +27739990999

Distance Education is comprised of eLearning and hands-on classes. The eLearning being the online component of the rough diamond program.

Free lesson 1

Genesis of Diamonds

Rough Diamond Evaluation and Grading

Lesson 1

The Journey Begins…

Everything on earth is made of atoms. Each atom is composed of three smaller particles or ‘sub-atomic particles’ called protons, electrons, and neutrons. They are arranged in a specific way so that protons and neutrons are huddled together, in what is known as the ‘nucleus’, and are orbited by electrons in ‘shells’. The number of protons and electrons in an atom is always equal, and the number of neutrons generally follows suit.

Course material will be sent to you by door to door courier. Free local shipping (South Africa Only).

learning material includes

  • Corlia Roberts Rough Diamond Manual,
  • Carat weight Diamond Scale
  • Diamond Loupe,
  • Diamond tweezer
  • Rough diamond testing pen
  • Sorting pad
  • UV light
  • Diamond light
  • Login-in details to our online portal

Assignments and final exams are done online.

Study when and wherever you want, then scan, upload your assignments and take an online quiz.

The hands-on class is where you gain essential experience by grading sorting and pricing the rough diamonds alongside your instructor.

This course is identical in contents and outcomes to our contact-based course and successful students will be awarded a certificate of completion internationally recognised.

The 1 day practical is the final module in the course which can be attended via skype, WhatsApp or monthly in-person in Waterkloof Pretoria, one night’s accommodation included in a 5* Boutique hotel.

The course covers sorting, grading and price estimates of Rough Diamond and polished diamonds

Learn to Identify the Characteristics of Rough Diamonds. Online participants are  Provided with the necessary skills  & Equipment included.
This online Courses in South Africa is recommended to obtain the certificate for the diamond dealers licence

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